Hello I am Latausha Washington, CEO and stylist at Halo for Her Headwear & Apparel LLC. I am also a mom of 5, a believer in Christ and I was born and raised in the nations capital.

Halo started out as a vision from my childhood creating paper dolls, fantasizing over endless fashion magazines and once I was old enough, manifesting an eye to style even while on a tight budget. I quickly learned that style is not how much you spend but it’s the ability to take pieces that you already own or that are affordable and make you look and feel just as good as if you were wearing a designer label. I believe that style can not be bought but it’s something you are born with so once you got it, you got it! 

I also learned at a early age the connection between a women’s confidence and style. I remember having hard times in my personal life and no matter what I was faced with when I was able to pull myself together and put on a nice outfit I felt like I could conquer the world! After a while as long as I had faith and was able to look good somehow I knew things would work out just fine. Fast forward to 25 years later I not only still live by the saying “look good feel good” but that was the motivation to start Halo in early 2016. I created Halo because I love to not only make women look good but give the motivation to feel good by providing timeless pieces that are affordable and styles that can be worn from year to year while remaining relevant in the fashion scene. 

Overall, Halo represents a universal language that all women can relate to. Style, faith, confidence and perseverance. I look forward to assisting you with your style needs and I thank you for visiting Halo!